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Around yoki

The area around Yoki covers activities for the adventure seeker, the nature lover, and people on the run from the everyday busy life. Our selection below is only a small part of it, but is definitely something to put on your list. 



If it is one sport that puts Iya on the map, it is rafting. 
   The spectacular scenery of Yoshino river as it twists it's way through the dramatic canyons, is both an unforgettable nature experience, and a source to extreme fun! 

Get a memorable rafting trip through our friends in Gogo-adventure!


Forest Adventure

Next to Yoki lands the zip-line stretching across the Iya gorge.
This is the finale of the Iya Forest Adventure, which takes you on a climbing adventure among the trees high above the ground. Through different climbing challenges; safely secured, the whole thing is about 2 hours of fun.  You also have the option to only do the zip-line if your time is short, and you only want the peak of the course! 


There is no denying the hiking opportunities around Iya. Be it lush rivers or dazzling mountains, there's usually only your curiosity and bravery that limits your hiking options. Some might be a bit difficult to get to without a car, but there are also great destinations reachable by bus. Like when we brought our guest Patrick to Tsurugi-san->

Kazurabashi & Niju Kazurabashi

Vine bridges, Iya's most famous attraction and definitely worth checking out. The single vine bridge is the easiest to reach only a 5 min drive from Yoki, but often considered a bit touristic. 
    The double vine-bridge is a bit further away, more remote, less touristic and probably a more memorable experience if you have the time.

Scarecrow Village

On the way to Iya's famous Tsurugi-san, you pass by Kakashi no Sato, or The Scarecrow Village.  It's about as ominous as it sounds. An abandoned  old village, now inhabited by scarecrows in whatever situation there used to be people. Definitely worth checking out if you like the nagging uncertainty about a person's humanity.

Close to Nature Onsen

Coming to Iya, it would be a shame not checking out some of high quality outside onsen/hot springs. 
    - Soaking in hot water while resting your eyes on the passing river could easily be achieved visiting Iya Onsen's riverside hot-spring.  After a cablecar ride down into the gorge, that is.
    - If instead a spectacular hillside valley view is your thing, the cablecar ride up in the hillside of Hotel Kazurabashi's Onsen should easily solve this.
   - It's also worth mentioning Hikyo-no-yu's Onsen. Maybe not the areas greatest outside onsen (though they have a really nice, small one), but their inside onsen is large, slightly luxurious and definitely worth checking out.


Ochiai Village

Ochiai Village is a popular destination for those interested in the old japanese village life.
It has a quite iconic view where it lies slowly climbing up the hillside. Slow down, take a break and maybe steal a selfie for your grandmother.